Real Time Bidding

Impression level targeted buying across mobile and online inventory

With the availability of Real-Time Bidding (RTB) on mobile web, in-app, and online video inventory, BRX allows buyers to target audiences at the individual impression level across our vast inventory of high-quality digital video content, while leveraging a dynamic pricing model to optimize campaign spend.

The BRX RTB platform enables buyers to purchase video ads on an impression-by-impression basis, across online and mobile content, at the price they’re willing to pay. By using this functionality, BRX buyers can optimize the performance of their campaigns. Whether buyers bid in real time or not, BRX conducts a dynamic auction for each impression to ensure buyers pay just what an impression is worth.

Access to real-time bidding capabilities are available via a simple technical integration and approval process. To become an approved BRX RTB Partner contact us.

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